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Women are increasingly welcoming and favoring nail services. This service assists women in maintaining their health and beauty by professionally cleaning their nails. Owning a lovely nail set will make ladies feel more secure. Pedicure in Kelowna, BC – This is a popular treatment; with this service, we will assist customers with cleaning, cutting, removing superfluous skin, and removing toenail edges.

We will make consumers happy and satisfied with our talented hands, high technique, and a little meticulousness. When you visit K Nail and Spa, you will not only be well-served, but also warmly welcomed.

Our Service

At K Nail and Spa, we have special products to help take care of your feet. We have different levels of treatments depending on what your feet need, from basic care to special healing treatments. We want to make sure your feet are happy and healthy!


We believe in finding a harmonious blend of natural and medical practices to provide the best care for your nails. Our approach starts by taking care of your feet, using the latest Footlogix technology and locally-sourced natural products to nourish and treat them. Our treatments are designed to stimulate your senses, offering a range of silky sugar scrubs, hydrating lotions, and Himalayan salt soaks. We also create custom essential oil blends to match your mood and preferences.

The process of the treatment begins by working on the cuticles, shaping the nails, and smoothing them out using careful buffing techniques. Unwanted callouses and dry skin are removed with a re-surfacing of the soles. Next, a therapeutic scrub is used on the feet and legs up to the knee, followed by a deep massage. An aromatic Paraffin treatment is then applied before finishing the treatment with a coat of designer polish.


This is a more focused version of the Perfection package that does not include the Paraffin treatment. Ideal if you want all of the benefits of our powerful medi-pedi treatments with less time and money investment.

What does K Nail and Spa’s nail service combo include?

  1. Cut the hands and feet’s skin

In order to prepare nails for nail art, practically everyone uses this popular service to remove extra skin from the finger and toenails. By trimming the hands and feet, the nails will be well shaped, appear bigger and longer, and be easier to paint or decorate.

  1. Collagen nail care

In order to prepare the nails for nail art, practically everyone uses this popular service to remove extra skin from the finger and toe nails.

By trimming the hands and feet, the nails will be well shaped, appear bigger and longer, and be easier to paint or decorate.

  1. Services of painting, drawing, decorating pedicures

The services that all women adore and favor having performed when they visit our beauty salons are nail paint and pedicures. Your nails will undoubtedly be painted in a “new” hue that is artistic with a range of designs and paint colors.

  1. Apply powder, face down

Applying powder upside down is a solution for individuals who lack a beautiful nail shape or cannot afford to decorate their preferred style by making a set of fake nails facing the actual nails to help them grow longer and stronger. It also makes the paint adhere more securely than it would on genuine nails.

  1. Break the powder and take out the powdered gel

In addition to initial nail care. This is a service that was developed to give your nails variation after applying or decorating the nails. You might not find the old nail sets to be as elegant and beautiful as you would want. Furthermore, poor nail removal or nail breaking will harm your nails.

With this procedure, the nail technician will break the old powder layer on the nails by using his expertise to remove the powdered gel layers. with no alterations to your natural nails.

There are numerous other methods and services in addition to those mentioned above. You may speak with a representative at K Nail and Spa directly to learn more about these services.

Since toenails grow similarly to fingernails, it is usual to use nail services in this region. Your feet will be cleaner and brighter after having the service at K Nail and Spa, much like the basic nail stages above. In addition, a heel scrub service can assist you in resolving the issue of consumers with calloused heels.

How does the pedicure in kelowna, BC service work?

In contrast to doing your nails at home, professional beauty salons will provide you with attentive nail care and high-quality paints. You can get a stunning pedicure and the standard manicure at K Nail and Spa in only 7 simple steps:

Step 1: use polish remover to remove any old nail polish.

Step 2: Dip your nails in water to soften your skin.

Step 3: Remove any dead skin from the nail’s vicinity and the surface.

Step 4: File the nail to form it.

Step 5: Apply nail protection cream.

Step 6: Primer to prevent yellowing and discoloration of the nails.

Step 7: Apply topcoat (gel or powder nails).

K Nail and Spa – pedicure in kelowna, BC

Today, K Nail and Spa is a renowned nail salon destination. The nail trend from sophisticated and expensive designs to fashionable and stylish females will be satisfied here. When you visit K Nail and Spa, you can select from pre-designed nail designs or create your own. Everything will be handled by a team of competent technicians.

Each line and color will be flawlessly blended, and the fine strokes will be clearly displayed with the slightest details. Along with quality and technique, K Nail and Spa’s professionals also please clients with sterile, clean tools that guarantee safety. K Nail & Spa will undoubtedly provide you with a pair of nails that are as beautiful as you like for the proper price and careful nail service.

What do you think of the manicure pedicure in kelowna, BC that K Nail and Spa described in the aforementioned article. Another way to love yourself is to take care of your nails.

For more intriguing domestic and international beauty news, follow K Nail and Spa. We are pleased to be able to walk alongside you as you pursue beauty.

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