Nails salon in the university UBCO, kelowna, BC

Welcome to K Nails & Spa- One of the best nails salon in the university UBCO, kelowna, BC, home to the greatest nail technicians in the CA and situated in a panoramic suite of an office building in Kelowna. The focal point to draw the sisters’ opposite sides in are always the stunning hands with perfectly manicured, stylishly painted nails. When you visit K Nails & Spa, you have the choice of choosing a nail design with a variety of lovely, remarkable, and astonishing images in addition to owning a high-quality, long-lasting gel-painted manicure set.

What makes K Nails & Spa the best?

Conveniently situated near Kelowna, British Columbia’s UBCO university. In order for you to freely enjoy the relaxing moments and escape from all of life’s pressures, we are happy to offer a clean and welcoming environment.

At K Nails & Spa – nails salon in Kelowna, BC, we take great satisfaction in paying close attention to and caring about health and safety. We are outfitted with the most advanced technology and sanitation because we want to emphasize the value of both health and safety.

We firmly believe in providing our clients with the finest possible service. All of our pedicure chairs have disposable plastic liners that are replaced in between clients in order to keep you safe. A hospital-grade sterilizer is used to disinfect our metal instruments. Our non-metal tools, such as the foot file blocks, buffers, and filers, are thrown away after every client. And best of all, you get to keep them!

Come in to relax and get pampered in the cleanest and best nails salon in the university UBCO, kelowna, BC.

K Nails & Spa’s services

In order to give customers the greatest service, K Nails & Spa is continually developing and updating 5-star quality services. The company’s goal and objective are to assist women become more self-assured while also offering relaxation and stress relief services for families. Ensure that clients get a first-rate experience. 

K Nails & Spa merits to be a dependable friend of any household with its hundreds of beauty and relaxation services from Nails to Spa.

  • Nails service: K Nails & Spa’s Nails system is outfitted with contemporary instruments to promote a feeling of luxury and relaxation throughout the procedure. Additionally, proper sterilization procedures always guarantee the safety of nail instruments. K Nails & Spa is dedicated to offering customers top-notch treatments, including hand and foot skin cutting, regular and gel painting, nail art, powder coating and dip-powder, among others, carried out by highly qualified and educated specialists.
  • Spa services: K Nails & Spa is a must-visit location if you’re looking to unwind, de-stress, and revive your soul with treatments including nourishing hair wash, body massages, intense region massages, and detoxify…

Why is nail art so common at the university UBCO, kelowna, BC?

Women in the university UBCO, kelowna, BC may show their style and become more appealing with the aid of accessories like nails. Additionally, nail polish enables ladies to create various looks and highlights for each individual.

In order to meet consumer demand for beauty, nail models nowadays are likewise becoming more innovative and inventive. You may thus select from the existing templates or quickly create your own depending on your preferences.

Today, gel paint, powder, beaded, rhinestones, mother of pearl, or textured nail designs in Kelowna, BC are among the most popular. Depending on the customer’s needs and kind, prices will change.

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What is included in the nail service package?

  1. Trim the hands’ and feet’s skin

To make the skin surrounding fingernails and toenails smooth and pleasant, trimming eliminates dead skin, extra skin, and lumps with tools or files for clients.

  1. collagen nail care

The tips of nails and toes can get a natural shine through nail care that resembles gel paint. This is the ideal method for preventing brittle, damaged nails or restoring their natural shine without the use of elaborate paint.

  1. Painting, sketching, and nail-decorating services

It may be said that ladies adore and favor doing this service when they visit beauty shops. You are entirely free to select based on your tastes from a number of patterns and paint colors. Your nails will be painted a “new” color that is full of art thanks to this technique, which enables you to create distinctive and imaginative designs on the nail surface.

  1. Apply powder, nail tipping

Women always want long, flawless nails, but for various reasons, nails are easily broken and no longer as attractive as they should be. At that time, applying powder and inverting nails became the first choice of women. Apply powder, face down is a great solution to help you own a beautiful dream manicure and pedicure.

K Nail & Spa’s nail care regimen?

You will receive attentive attention when you visit K Nail & Spa, and we are especially committed to utilizing only high-quality paints to protect your safety. The typical nail procedure at K Nail & Spa has 7 steps; in just a little while, you don’t have to wait, as you now have an incredibly lovely nail set:

Step 1: First, remove any leftover nail polish.

Step 2: Soak nails to soften skin so that dead skin may be removed.

Step 3: Remove any dead skin surrounding the nail and on its surface. Step 4: File the nail to achieve the desired shape. 

Step 5: Apply a lotion to protect the nails.

Step 6: Primer to prevent discolored or fading nails

Step 7: Apply topcoat to gel or powder nails.

If you want to have an excellent nail set, K Nail & Spa System is one of the places you shouldn’t miss. You are able to express your own tastes and style at K Nail & Spa, from soft sophistication to sophisticated elegance. Every stroke, color, and line will be precisely coordinated, and elegance will be brought to life in every each nuance. You may rely on K Nail & Spa to meet all of your preferences and needs!

The professionals at K Nail & Spa adhere to the tenet “Customer is God” and are well-versed in their field while also giving careful consideration to client care. You don’t have to worry about the cost when you visit K Nail & Spa since all of our nail instruments are sterile and sanitized to ensure safety and sanitation. Instead, just enjoy the beauty we provide to you!

Along with manicure services, K nail & Spa also offers high-quality waxing, eyelash extensions, tinting, and waxing of the eyebrows, among other procedures. You may take full use of the services at K Nail & Spa premium spa and beauty treatments.

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