Nails salon in south Kelowna, BC: Knail and Spa

Many technical advancements are made nowadays specifically to meet the demands of female clients who wish to enhance their personal appearance. In order to support the ladies’ sense of style, we provide a nail service. Let’s examine Knail and Spa, the most exquisite and high-end nails salon in south Kelowna, BC.

What makes us different?

A distinctive beauty and health journey catered to your individual well-being needs is offered at our salon. We are dedicated to giving you information on achieving a better, healthier state of well-being by offering natural organic services as well as therapies that are results-driven. 

Through exceptional spatial offers including trademark spa pedicure and manicure treatments, gorgeous nail designs, top brand name goods, and a warm, welcoming setting, our opulent, modern-inspired salon flawlessly balances both your requirements and appearance. 

When you visit our Knail and Spa – nail salons in Kelowna, the safety, comfort and reasonable price of our customers are our top priorities. We promise to maintain the highest industry standards in this regard. In compliance with state laws, we sterilize and disinfect all reusable nail instruments. 

What do consumers think about Knail and Spa?

– Customers who have used the service at Knail and Spa have been quite pleased with it. The team will complete it with the utmost care based on the customer’s provided nail sample. 

The Knail and Spa team will offer recommendations on appropriate nail designs for customers who haven’t yet made a model selection. The team will meticulously perform each stroke to get the desired outcome. The customer’s nails will last for a very long time because of the meticulousness of the procedure and the high caliber of the paint.

– In addition to offering high-quality nails, Knail and Spa offers a variety of nail designs, including short, long, square, round, gel, and powdered nails. You may feel safe getting your nails done here because the staff is well-trained.

– The really adorable and compact salon room is another benefit of Knail and Spa. Even though it is tiny, the service area is rather large, guaranteeing constant client care even when it is busy. The staff members at this establishment are kind, professional, and very passionate. Compared to other salons in the region, Knail and Spa is thought to have more affordable prices.

Those are the reviews that Knail and Spa received during the past time.

Introducing beauty services at K Nails & spa

Nail care services

– Classic Manicure – This manicure is simple and basic, and it includes nail cleansing (cuticles cut and filed), shape, and your choice of color. If you want to go fancy, nail art can be applied for an extra fee. Our manicure will pamper your hands, leaving them smooth and silky, as well as clean and shape your nails in preparation for the color of your choice of paint.

– French Manicure (French tip deep/ regular) – This manicure begins with our traditional manicure and is completed with the timeless French tip and polish colors.

– Spa manicures are similar to facials for your hands. We begin with a conventional manicure and then add additional moisture, a masque, and a luxurious massage.

– Classic Pedicure (30 minutes) – Our trademark pedicure will soothe you in our state-of-the-art pedicure chairs while we soften and smooth your feet so you can show off your toes with your choice of polish color whenever you choose.

– Spa Pedicure (50 minutes) – similar to a foot facial. We begin with a traditional pedicure and then add additional hydration, masque, warm towels, and a delicious massage.

– Combination Spa Manicure & Spa Pedicure (60 minutes) – for the utmost in hand and foot pampering.

– Express Manicure and Pedicure – for the busy individual. We’ll concentrate on the urgent need to have your hands and feet looking their best and fastest, such as changing polish and getting you out the door as soon as possible.

Manicure services

You may seem more gorgeous and stylish by using our nail service. Every member of the staff is well-trained, careful, and considerate. Spend some time away from your hectic schedule to treat your hands and nails. Manicures may involve painting images or designs on the nails, as well as the application of miniature decals or fake diamonds. Other nail treatments, such as French manicure, may make use of artificial gel nails, synthetic nails, or acrylic paint.

Pedicure services

Shoes have a negative impact on our feet and skin. As a result, the primary benefits of pedicure extend beyond attractiveness. In our nail salon, skilled pedicurists will first restore the smoothness and suppleness of your skin before applying colors. 

Our customized spa pedicures will pamper your feet. Our pedicure chairs are completely silent and provide the ideal combination of comfort and cleanliness. We’ll treat you like royalty!

Waxing services

Make yourself smooth, sleek, and attractive. Waxing is used for more than simply hair removal. It also serves as a skin care therapy. Our quick and easy waxing procedures will leave your skin hair-free and amazingly smooth. Please allow at least 10 days of hair growth before your first waxing procedure.

Our skilled aestheticians will change them to meet your unique requirements, as well as provide all waxing procedures.

Eye lash services

Our light-weight eyelash extensions are so soft and natural-feeling that you’ll forget you’re wearing them, but everyone else will notice your fantastic lash line. You will be happy with how you look when you leave our studio and even more so when you wake up wonderfully every morning. 

Your eyes will look fantastic, and your morning ritual will be shorter than before. You’ll wonder how you survived this long without lash extensions after you’ve realized how beautiful your eyes may appear even before you apply makeup.

You’ll enjoy our spa-like salon experience as well as the professional knowledge of our certified stylists, who will assist you in customizing the length, fullness, and shape to complement your eye structure, lifestyle, and personal style.

We make it our top priority to offer a welcoming yet formal atmosphere while upholding opulent and contemporary salon etiquette. The dedicated, talented, and knowledgeable specialists at our nails salon in south Kelowna, BC are always available to assist you. We appreciate you choosing us to take care of your beauty!

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