Nails salon in Kelowna international Airport, kelowna, BC

Knail and Spa is one of the best nail salon in Kelowna international Airport, kelowna, BC. Since its inception, our salon has grown in popularity among both residents and visitors, particularly foreigners living and working in the city. Nail art is especially popular among individuals who want to accent their attire for special events with bright and elaborate patterns. In addition to nail care, the spa provides hair removal and face treatments.

This article will share all information about the nails salon in Kelowna international Airport, kelowna, BC. Keep reading!

Knail and Spa – Best nail salon in Kelowna BC

Knail and Spa is a terrific choice for elegant females and is one of the first names cited if someone needs advise on where to do their nails at Kelowna International Airport, kelowna, BC. Knail & Spa, known as its gorgeous and distinguished nail salon, takes care of every finger and toe for women with all their heart, talented hands, enthusiasm, and originality at every step. 

There are plenty of nail designs with gorgeous – distinctive – weird designs to let you express your own unique style. Most importantly, it is long-lasting, so you may confidently wear it with your outfits to work, go out, party, etc.

Knail & Spa provides eyelash extensions, massages, and nourishing shampoos in addition to expert nail services such as: nail care, powder, ombre, 3D-6D powder,… Relax and relieve tiredness.

Manicure and pedicure services of Knail and Spa

Yes, we also offer gel overlay if you want that fantastic aesthetic but want to maintain your natural nails healthy. At Knail & Spa – nails salons kelowna, BC, our gel removal services always include a specific moisturizing technique that encourages keratin to maintain your nails healthy and strong. All of our manicure and pedicure treatments adhere to ultra-hygienic cleanliness guidelines, so you can rest certain that we’ve gone above and beyond (steps that many other salons skip) to eliminate any hazardous germs and keep you safe.

Put your hands in our hands, as well as your feet, brows and lashes, waxing requirements, skin care and facials, since at Knail and Spa, we make you look and feel like a perfect 10.


When we visit our salon, we leave you with fabulous-looking nails that are tough to maintain at home. To make your nails appealing, we have a choice of color and nail art possibilities. Getting frequent manicures can also assist enhance the health of our nails, allowing for quicker development and less breakage. Your nails will be more beautiful and polished than ever after a nice manicure!

Knail and Spa’s basic manicure generally includes the following services:

  • Fingernail cleaning and soak
  • Hand massage that is soothing
  • Fingernail shaping, clipping, and polishing
  • Cuticle pushing backApplication of nail polish and top coat
  • Application of cuticle oil and tint


Did you know that a pedicure, in addition to being a cosmetic therapy, is also considered a therapeutic treatment for your feet?

A pedicure includes extra treatments such as dead skin removal, reducing calluses, and treating and shaping your toenails. 

A decent pedicure and foot treatment at the same time will feel peaceful, satisfying, and therapeutic. Furthermore, it is one of the finest ways to ensure that your feet are clean and healthy. 

Aside from the fundamental manicure treatments mentioned before, a Knail & Spa basic pedicure includes the following services:

  • Removal of calluses for softer, smoother feet
  • Toe nail cleaning
  • Exfoliation of the feet
  • Massages of the feet

Duration for manicure and pedicure treatment

Depending on the sort of manicure you choose, this treatment might take anywhere from 15 minutes to more than an hour to complete. 

A pedicure, on the other hand, normally lasts between 30 and 90 minutes, depending on the extra treatments required.

In general, the more elements and approaches that are used, the longer the length of any therapy. But don’t worry; the money and effort you invest on these treatments will be well spent!

What are the similarities between a manicure and a pedicure?

Apart from their distinctions, manicures and pedicures have some similarities as well. 

The purpose of both nail treatments is to make your nails look and feel great, which includes filing, trimming, buffing, and painting your nails with your nail polish of choice, as well as cool -Away from hands and feet gently.

Furthermore, a manicure or pedicure will help remove imperfections on your fingernails and toenails, giving them a healthier and more attractive appearance. Your nails will look clean, beautiful, and healthy after receiving these treatments.

Why should you choose Knail and Spa?

You cannot disregard Knail and Spa if you are passionate about attractive, long-lasting, and fresh nail sets. As a nail salon at Kelowna international Airport, kelowna, BC has long been a familiar address for many women. Not only does Knail and Spa provide customers with eye-catching, feminine, and stylish nail sets, but it is also known for its excitement, attention, and care in each treatment. Specifically:

  • Experienced personnel: Customers visiting Knail and Spa will be serviced by well-trained and skilled personnel. Knail & Spa’s team has expertise in executing a range of nail styles and is always meticulous in every step from cutting skin, and filing nails, to painting and designing nail.
  • Enthusiastic advice: If you are unsure about which nail design to make, the staff at Knail and Spa will present you with photographs of your favorite nail designs. Knail & Spa is always coming up with innovative nail designs and procedures to better serve their consumers.
  • Various paint colors and bespoke design: Staff will assist customers on appropriate nail styles based on their needs.
  • Long-lasting, beautiful nails: The longevity of the nail sets prepared at Knail & Spa is a bonus. Your nails will endure a long time if you use quality paints that are safe for your hands, as well as expert nail painting and painting procedures.
  • No need to reserve manicures at this spacious nail salon: Knail and Spa is open from 9:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., Mon-Sat, and 10h – 5 PM on Sunday. Customers do not need to schedule an appointment to visit the office. The salon is big, the seats are comfy, and it is not plagued by an unpleasant paint odor.

Please reserve an appointment via the salon’s hotline as soon as possible to avoid having to wait too long and to enjoy special combination programs running throughout the day for your valued clients! I wish you a wonderful beauty experience at Knail and Spa.

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