Nails salon in Glenmore, kelowna, BC: Which is the best?

Your hands will seem more lovely and stunning if you take care of your nails. However, you wonder which location to pick to assure quality among a jungle of nail salons that are spreading like mushrooms. Our nail salon is the most reasonably priced and competent. We always put the safety, needs, and pleasure of our customers. So, what we do? This post will provide details about Knail and Spa, the top nails salon in Glenmore, Kelowna, BC that you should choose.

Tools used to make nails at Knail and Spa

Nail tools are regarded as a requirement for the growth of Knail and Spa. That package has become an indispensable tool for nail technicians. As a result, we constantly prepare everything meticulously in order to produce stylish, eye-catching nails for our customers. Here are the tools we employ:

Hand and foot soak bowl

Soaking hands and feet is the first stage in the nail-making process that every worker must understand and do. Soaking hands and feet softens the skin and creates moisture, which aids in the process of selecting and mending nails.

We will properly clean and sanitize the product after use and store it in a cold, dry location to destroy hazardous bacteria.

Plier for skin picking

Skin picking pliers are a basic nail cleaning instrument that is required for any nail technician while cleaning and caring for customers’ nails, including at Knail and Spa. This nail tool aids in the perfect trimming of nails as well as the removal of dead skin cells from the nail edge region.

Nail corner remover tools

The next step is to clean the nails/feet by removing debris, sand, and germs from the corners. We always disinfect instruments thoroughly and manage them correctly when performing; if not, it can lead to festering, swelling, and damage to the customer’s nails. As a result, Knail and Spa always have a professional instrument on hand.

Wipes made of gel

Gel wipes are an essential nail tool in any professional’s toolbox. Before applying nail polish, this type of paper has the effect of washing and cleaning the surface. If the nail surface is still sticky after using gel wipes, we will clean it again with gel cleaner.


A specific cotton bag to assist clean nails/feet and remove paint stains is something that no nail technician, whether basic or skilled, can overlook.

Protective gear (gloves, masks, etc.)

Gloves, masks, antiseptic gels, and other protective equipment are essential for producing nails. Wearing protective equipment not only helps to safeguard the health and safety of our clients and nail technicians, but it also helps to minimize exposure to hazardous chemicals and maintain good cleanliness.

Nail care services at Knail and Spa

Manicures and pedicures on a regular basis will keep your nails in good shape and your skin on your hands and feet nice. This can assist to avoid a variety of problems, from cracked hands to painful foot calluses.

Manicures and pedicures are quite soothing. Aside from the relaxing effects of the massage, this is also a terrific way to set aside time for yourself. Whether you need time to think, wish to read, or simply sit with a coffee while your nails are done, the experience gives lots of opportunities to take a few minutes away from a hectic schedule, sit back, and relax. Furthermore, the influence of nail care, both in terms of aesthetics and happiness, may make you feel wonderful long after the treatment is over.


The most popular nail care treatment provided by any nail parlor is a manicure. A routine manicure at Knail and Spa involves care of the nails, cuticles, and surrounding skin. The technique entails the following steps:

  • Determining the best way to heal damaged cuticles
  • Applying moisturizer to the skin surrounding the nails to smooth it out
  • Taking care of the cuticles
  • Nail shaping and cutting
  • Applying a base and color coat to the nails

Besides that, acrylic nails are also served in our salon. This type of nail service has been popular for a long time. And the most popular acrylic nail trend right now is adding acrylic nail tips. That is why Knail and Spa now provides clients with nail care services.

Nail specialists frequently utilize plastic nail extensions to mold the nails to the client’s specifications. They will then coat it with acrylic gel to make it seem like natural nails. The majority of consumers use this technique to lengthen or strengthen their nails.


A pedicure follows the same steps as a manicure. The main distinction is that the feet and toes are included. Pedicures often include nail painting for the majority of consumers, particularly ladies. It is, however, optional, especially for males who did not want it.

Spa manicures and pedicures feature a moisturizing paraffin dip, nourishing mask, and valuable essential oils in addition to the regular treatment to improve texture and look. Knail and Spa also offers additional treatments in addition to nail care. These services may include hair care and skincare. 

Why Knail and Spa is the best nails salon in Glenmore, kelowna, BC?

Knail and Spa is a women’s haven where lovely hands are created. When all ladies visit Knail and Spa, they will be paid money to advise on the most popular and popular nail designs based on current fashion trends for clients to pick for themselves. The set is appropriate for both the individual’s personality and the peculiarities of the youngster in his/her hand.

The beauty process is always related with safety for Knail and Spa, because this is a necessity that every field or service must attain before serving consumers, especially customers. The nail profession is more vital than ever before since the degree of infection is always high if cleanliness is not followed. As a result, at Knail and Spa, the nail care procedure is always conducted carefully, and all instruments such as nippers, files, and so on are sterile.

Knail and Spa is a trained artisan who can manage both breakthrough and difficult nail sets. Paint colors, powders, and false nail sets are all high-quality items with a clear origin. Knail and Spa is a prominent address where ladies may put their faith and enjoy the services.

Having the lowest service price compared to the common ground, so that everyone may experience moments of relaxation, rest, care, and affection for themselves at Knail and Spa – nail salons in Kelowna.

All contact details:

  • Address: 301 Hwy 33 W Unit 37, Kelowna, BC V1X 1X8, Canada
  • Hotline: +1 (514) 699-1699
  • Website:

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