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In 2023, nail treatments in salons and spas in Athans, Kelowna, BC are quite popular: Everyone should take care of their nails, including regular nail care and manicures, in order to have clean, beautiful hands.  Our goal at K Nail & Spa is to provide excellent customer service to all others. To become the greatest nails salon in Athans, Kelowna, BC, we aim for perfection in offering excellent treatments in an elegant, peaceful, and professional spa atmosphere.

Knowing that approximately 100% of Canadian women execute a nail care service once a week can help everyone’s nails and toenails from skin disorders and makeup them up with many different shapes of nail. Furthermore, having a lovely nail set would make ladies feel more confident. Let’s call us now!

What is nail service?

Nails service specializes on beauty care and offers manicure, pedicure, and other nail and pedicure treatments. A salon often offers manicuring services, however nail salons are places that specialize in this service. Nail polish is also applied at beauty salons, spas, and hotels, among other places. Manicurists and manicurists are terms used to describe people who operate in nail salons.

Nail care is vital because it keeps your nails healthy and attractive. A professional nail care service (also known as mani pedi services) may assist you in keeping your nails healthy by removing any dead skin cells or debris, cutting and shaping your nails, and putting a layer of varnish or nail hardener.

If your nails are weak or brittle, a professional nail care service can give you with a treatment to help strengthen and protect them. You can keep your nails looking their finest at all times by visiting K Nails & Spa salon on a regular basis. Furthermore, regular trips to our salon may aid in the prevention of any your nail prospective health issues.

The most outstanding services at K Nails & spa

Nail services are becoming more popular since they cater to women’s demands. Women who use this service can get their nails professionally cleaned to keep them strong and attractive. Owning a lovely nail set will make ladies appear more assured. The most popular nail services at K Nails & Spa in 2023 are listed below, and everyone should start using them right now.

Manicure and pedicure services

Manicure pedicure in kelowna, BCThis is a well-liked treatment that is offered by all spas and nail salons, not only K Nails & Spa. With this treatment, we will assist customers with cleaning, trimming their hair short, removing extra skin, and rounding their nails and feet. We may make consumers really happy and satisfied by using deft hands, great expertise, and a little attention to detail. You will be given sincere service and a warm welcome when you visit K Nails & Spa.

Nail painting service

Many clients of manicure salons prefer to create original works of art with their nails in addition to having them cleansed. We will assist you in applying “makeup” to your nails and feet using the excellent painting and drawing techniques used by K Nails & Spa professionals to create a variety of lovely and delicate models.

You won’t expect it, but your boring legs and nails start to seem nice and gorgeous every day.

Gel nail service

Applying gel nails in Kelowna, BC is one of the trickier processes. The fact that K Nails & Spa has a staff of knowledgeable specialists means that it is in no way difficult. The “superior” nail method will enable them to provide clients with stunning and durable nails. Applying nails is a popular hobby since it helps clients have attractive hands.

Hidden mother of pearl nail treatments

This nail service has risen to prominence in recent years. We will utilize mother-of-pearl delicately on toenails in elegant, appealing forms using this procedure. Mother of pearl accessories are often and widely utilized in nail decorating. There are many various forms of mother-of-pearl, both large and little, such as paper mother-of-pearl and stone mother-of-pearl. We will create works of art on the customer’s nails with only a little imagination.

Nail service for gel removal and powder application

Some people become bored with powder nails and wish to attempt a fresh look by removing the previous gel or powder. You should be aware that incorrect removal of gels and powders can cause nail damage, therefore we recommend visiting a nail salon to get it done. When you visit K Nails & Spa – nails salon kelowna, BC, you will be able to delicately remove the powdered gel without scratching or damaging your natural nails.

How does the nail service procedure work?

When you visit our salon, you will receive focused nail treatment with quality paints at reputed beauty facilities, as opposed to at-home nail care. The typical manicure procedure at K Nails & Spa will take place in 7 fundamental phases, and you will have a gorgeous nail set:

Step 1: Use a polish remover to remove old nail polish.

Step 2: Soak the nails in warm water to soften the skin.

Step 3: Remove any dead skin from the surface and the area surrounding the nail.

Step 4: File the nail form.

Step 5: Use a nail protection lotion to protect your nails.

Step 6: Primer to prevent yellowing or discoloration of your nails.

Step 7: Apply topcoat for gel or powder nails.

Things to preserve for healthy nails after doing nails

  • To clean the nails, only use a soft brush and gently brush with soap.
  • Sharp items should not be used to remove dirt from the nail since they might cause infection.
  • When painting and attaching artificial nails, you must give the nails time to rest; doing so continually will cause nail degeneration over time.
  • It should be mentioned that if you have painted your nails and do not want to reapply the polish in the next manicure, allow the previous varnish to peel off naturally.
  • Furthermore, you should use nail polish remover sparingly since bleach includes several alkaline elements that produce yellowing and dullness, which can lead to nail peeling.

The benefit of coming to our nails salon in Athans, kelowna, BC is that consumers have a wide range of options in terms of patterns, types… The salons are professional and well-stocked with nail instruments and accessories. K Nails & Spa strives to make ladies beautiful. On the other hand, we wish to celebrate the keen beauty on each of your fingers and toes by providing reasonable equipment, accessories, and nail supplies.

To book a manicure, phone +1 (514) 699-1699 for assistance and an appointment, or visit the website:

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