Nails design in kelowna, BC: where is the best choice?

Are you a people who have trouble deciding on a nail design? Rest confident that we are the greatest nail designer always studying and collecting the most beautiful and up-to-date designs for your reference. We have been doing nails design in kelowna, BC for a long time. 

Although nail trends come and go, the ones we’ve already seen this year are spectacular. This year’s trends are undoubtedly meeting your needs, whether you’re searching for new nail paint hues or need a salon-created manicure. Here are some fresh nail design ideas for you.

Type of nail designs are trending for this summer 

Want to upgrade your standard manicure? Here are the popular summer nail styles!

  • Chromatica: Iridescent chrome finishes and pearly topcoats give the classic glazed donut nails a glittering summer makeover. Your mermaidcore fantasies come true with this enchanting design!
  • Bold + Bright: We’re celebrating the weather with vibrant, dopamine-inducing nail art after months of subdued tones. Think vibrant ombre designs, swirls with a ’70s vibe, and rainbow color palettes.
  • Funky French: French tips are always fashionable, but this summer they’re being upgraded with pastel colors, flowery patterns, and quirky accents. This is your opportunity to play around with this timeless aesthetic!
  • Lip Gloss Nails: Get ready to fall in love with the “clean girl” summer nail trend if you’re a minimalist. Lip gloss nails, also known as natural, glossy, healthy-looking nails that glow from inside, are the focus of this fashion!

Summer nails and design ideas

1. Watermelon-themed summer 

Take a mouthful of these deliciously juicy fruits! This nail art will give you that wonderful summer sensation if your aesthetic for warm weather is best described by a watermelon.

With the small green french tip and the ombre pink shade, these vibrant summer nails almost seem delicious enough to eat (get the look with this green gel liner set!). Best when combined with a beach vacation and a watermelon margarita!

2. Summer nail art with a watercolor rainbow pattern

This vibrant watercolor pattern seems almost too wonderful to be true—like your ideal summer sunset on your nails. It combines delicate pastel tones with vivid hues to provide an ethereal combination of summer-appropriate colors.

Your one focus from now on will be getting your Instagram feed to fit this serene color scheme.

3. Summer nails with vivid magenta and vibrant orange

With this vibrant pattern, you can dip your fingers into all the summer nail trends! With this idea, you may experiment with a different style on each finger, such as a summer-appropriate floral print, a jazzy swirl, or a fashionable checkerboard. Because this summer, it’s all about having more! This vibrant magenta and juicy orange combination is fantastic!

4. Bright + Funky Summer Mani

Each nail is decorated with a sweet color combination that honors a particular taste of the popular lip balm. “Our go-to” the pink and green tube with rose taste! Even if you’re not a Glossier fangirl, this nail art will liven up your ensemble. Additionally, it’s quite simple to reproduce – simply pick your favorite colors to make it your own!

5. Bright Chrome That Is Blooming Seasonal Nails

Chrome! Pastels! 3D flowers! This vibrant nail art inspiration ticks all the key buttons for a fashionable summer appearance. The pastel flowers are especially lovely since they seem to be growing straight off the nail. It’s such a creative and distinctive twist on a traditional flower nail art! These nails, complete with vanilla chrome powder, are set to become a staple of your summer concept.

6. Strawberry design

One of the most eye-catching manicure designs for females who appreciate romantic sweetness is the strawberry-shaped gorgeous nail. Making your hands more colorful and appealing with cartoon motifs derived from the strawberry picture.

7. Beautiful orange nails

The ideal option for active summer days are these lovely orange nail sets. Even though this is a neutral color, you may mix it with a range of hues to bring out your natural charm and gentle beauty everywhere you go.

8. Nails design with dots

Beautiful polka dot nails with various color schemes provide charm, energy, and uniqueness to your appearance. Many females’ first pick is always polka dot nail patterns, and this trend shows no signs of abating.

The basic nail design seen above comes in a range of summer-appropriate hues and patterns. The use of basic themes like circles, cartoons, fruit shapes, plaid or checkered patterns, flowers, and more on your nails can help you become very fascinating and gorgeous. This nail design has rhinestones and is ideal for events, the beach, or pretty much anyplace.

You may order any nail design you desire or ask a consultant at K Nails & Spa, where there is a team of talented nail technicians with excellent aesthetic eyes. The staff can simply do it if you can show them the nail style you like. If you don’t have a certain design in mind, you may easily select your favorite from the range of nail art presented here.

K Nails & spa the best choice for you

K Nails & Spa provides stunning nails art in kelowna, BC, is unquestionably a must-visit. If you visit K Nails & Spa, we can help you shape and change your nails into the look you choose.

The nail design, which has complex designs and stones, is the most noticeable and appealing aspect of this. K Nails & Spa’s team of knowledgeable and devoted employees will provide you advice on the most popular nail designs. The usage of top-tier brands for all paint supplies by K Nails & Spa ensures long-lasting nails over time, so clients won’t have to worry about chipped or peeling paint. This point has to be stressed further. You may now get a nail job here without any issues. Customers at K Nails & Spa are frequently treated to alluring discounts; for just $10, you may have a gorgeous set of nails.

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