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Nails salon Kelowna is a luxury nail salon in the heart of downtown BC, Canada. With our extensive training, our professionals can offer you first-rate services. For all treatments and services, we clean and sanitize our equipment. We are continually coming up with new ways to provide you with manicure, pedicure, nail design services and more. The salons provide their clients with a calm, secure, welcoming, and clean environment. We are devoted to ensuring that you receive value for your money. At Nails salon Kelowna, BC where you can get the gorgeous acrylic extensions you want or an express manicure from our talented nail technician. Discover more about our services by reading the introduction below.

About K Nail and Spa

K Nail and Spa was established to provide outstanding services and stunning nail sets to customers. The majority of our customers have been pleased even after their first visit to Nails salon kelowna, BC where we have a staff with at least 3 to 10 years of experience in creating gel nails. Come to K Nail and Spa where consumers may select for themselves the newest styles—from unusual nail designs to high-end nail paints to accessories—that we regularly update.

K Nail and Spa’s services: our top 6!

Artificial nails

Artificial nails are a variety of nail extensions that improve the overall appearance and attractiveness of your nails. In our salon, we offer a wide range of fake nail designs, looks, and styles. With artificial nails, you can choose from a variety of styles, including minimal, festive, stylish, seasonal, seductive, spooky, and adorable.

We strongly advise obtaining artificial nails if you want to add pizzazz to your attire or express originality, art, and season. However, it’s crucial to be aware that in order to keep fake nails in place and looking good, they must be maintained. Every two to three weeks, our nail professionals advise in-fills for artificial nails. This nail design, which accentuates both long and short nails, is fantastic!

Pedicure and Manicure

It can be difficult to find the best salon in BC that offers manicure and pedicure services, but a few crucial factors can help you make your choice in Nails salon kelowna. You are welcomed by the skilled team at the nails salon in Kelowna who can recommend the best manicure or pedicure for your unique demands.

We have two types of manicure and pedicure that are regular paint and gel polish. For a gel manicure or pedicure, which uses UV light for curing to give a firm and robust finish, a gel polish is employed. Due to its glossy appearance and extended lifespan, this service is well-liked.

Regular paint

Regular nail polish has been a cultural mainstay. With the option to add a base coat or top coat, a thin coat of colored lacquer is applied over your natural nail and may last a few days before chipping. You need a new color, according to chipped nail polish. Simply, it takes less time or effort to apply ordinary nail paint than gel polish. Reapplying the nail polish after dabbing acetone will rapidly correct any mistakes produced throughout the nail painting process.

Gel polish

Your emotion will instantly improve if your nails are beautifully colored and perfectly textured. Therefore, Nails salon Kelowna is the place to go for all of your nail needs, whether you just need regular paint or to refresh your gel polish. Additionally, getting your nails done has come to represent a self-care-focused lifestyle. Yes, you are sharing your heart and soul with your favorite nail technician, who frequently doubles as a therapist, in addition to receiving beautiful extensions.

Let’s first examine the procedure for gel nails before moving on to other topics. Our gel manicures to ordinary manicures, the following additional stages are included:

  1. Remove old nail polish, trim and reshape nails
  2. Soaking it in water to prepare the cuticles for removal by softening and cutting them
  3. Completely washing and buffing the nails to get rid of any debris and leftover polish
  4. Applying a base coat after applying a primer to dry out the nails
  5. Base color should be applied, then any nail art, if any.
  6. Seal everything in with a topcoat.

The nails are exposed to the UV light for at least 80 seconds after each coat to cure. In order to prevent them from smudging as easily as ordinary nails, the gel polish layer is hardened. The gel nails last for at least a week after they have completely dried. Additionally, gel nails can be applied to either natural or acrylic nails.

The main benefit of gel nail polish is that it lasts longer than regular nail polish, despite the wide variety of colors, textures, and forms available. For around two to three weeks, they retain their recently manicured appearance. Your nails are further protected by them, so there will be no chipping. Because drying is quick and hassle-free, layering manicure designs is also made simpler. Gel nail paints still flex and feel natural, unlike hard acrylic nails!

Eyelashes extensions

K Nail and Spa salon Kelowna offers eyelash extensions in addition to nail services, the best individual eyelashes, and the widest selection of lashes. This service guarantees that you get the most cutting-edge eyelash extensions on the market while assisting you in coming up with a fresh appearance for special events.

Our team of talented and personable beauty specialists are experts in applying volume or classic lashes and getting the ideal curl to complement your lovely face. You can say good-bye to using a ton of mascara on a night out and waking up with panda eyes, as well as inexpensive eyelash extensions from the drugstore that barely last one night. Our durable lash extensions are the beauty of the future.


Waxing is a quick and efficient way to get rid of unwanted hair. Waxing requires more time than other hair removal techniques and is regarded by many as the most efficient way to remove hair from any area of the body. The majority of women, including men, are now firmly persuaded to adopt waxing due to its numerous practical advantages.

Contact Nail Salons in Kelowna

K Nail and Spa provides excellent safety waxing service. We offer chemical-free waxes including hot wax and cold wax. As a result, the skin is hardly ever irritated when wax is applied to the skin’s surface and pulled back to remove hair.

Redness of the skin following wax removal is only one of the most frequent side effects of waxing. You shouldn’t worry; this will go away after a few hours of waxing.

Are you prepared to embrace more beauty yet? If so, stop by the Nails salon in Kelowna, BC, where we provide gorgeous, faultless nails and eyelash extensions at incredibly inexpensive pricing. Please call us at +1 (514) 699-1699 if you would like more information about our service.

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