Manicure shellac in kelowna, BC where is the best place?

For long years, shellac manicures were the most popular manicure operations. But exactly what is shellac? So, if you’re considering shellac nail designs, keep reading for the complete rundown, including what shellac is, how long it lasts, how much it costs, and more.

K Nail and Spa is a manicure shellac in kelowna, BC. If you want to relax and receive luxurious treatments at a reasonable price, you should come to us. We offer professional nail care for women, men, elders, and children. Best of all, our crew has many years of experience to help you. 

What exactly is Shellac polish?

Shellac was first introduced by a business called Creative Nail Design, Inc. (CND) in California. Shellac’s formula is a hybrid, which means it’s a combination of gel and nail polish. Shellac is a long-lasting nail polish that helps the nail color last longer.

Shellac nails are a patented kind of lacquer from CND that is available in over 100 hues at authorized salons. Gel (for durability and protection) and ordinary nail paint (for color and gloss) are combined in Shellac nail polishes. Shellac is a thinner and softer alternative to gel polish, although it is more durable than standard varnish.

Gel nails, on the other hand, are constructed of liquid gel. It is not limited to a single polish distributor. 

Advantage of manicure shellac:

  • Natural beauty with high gloss
  • Long-lasting coating ability
  • Paint can be easily removed by soaking in acetone solution
  • Nail color can be mixed by overlapping layers of nail polish
  • Shellac can be used on nails of any length.
  • The distinction between shellac and extension is that shellac is put to their nails whilst extension is done to their hair.
  • Because the gel coating prevents the nail from breaking or falling off, the nail grows back faster under shellac.
  • Shellac lasts up to three weeks on nails and is unaffected by water or household chemicals.
  • Shellac is safe for pregnant women to use because it contains no formaldehydes, which are exceedingly harmful.
  • Gel polish can be readily removed at home by obtaining a particular liquid and foil; liquid gels simply move away from the nails;
  • Small damaged sections of the nail can be easily enlarged if coated with gel, allowing the damaged area to grow.

However, shellac manicures are pricey. When comparing a manicure to a regular coat of nail polish and a shellac manicure, the shellac manicure costs twice as much. If you want a personalized design, you must pay for it individually.

There are also certain factors to keep in mind if consumers do Shellac nails for an extended period of time, on average 3-4 months consistently, the nails will become weak and brittle, making Shellac Nails more prone to chips and peeling. It is best to avoid using Shellac for at least two months before reintroducing it.

Shellac’s special feature

Shellac is a nail polish that is applied to natural nails to create a flawless, lustrous nail. Customers can leave without waiting for the paint to dry because shellac dries quickly.

Shellac painting at K Nail and Spa takes roughly 40 minutes with basic steps. The client’s natural nails will first be painted with a base coat before being dried with LED lights. Paint two layers of color, followed by a top coat on the outermost layer. It is important to note that after each application, the nail will be cured by LED light for 2 minutes, resulting in long-lasting and attractive nails.

Although it could be good, you should never attempt to remove a shellac manicure since you risk damaging your nails’ top layers. It is best to return to K Nail and Spa for proper removal. The process could take anything from five to fifteen minutes.

The Price

The cost of a shellac manicure can vary, like with most aesthetic procedures. The salon service at K Nail and Spa will cost you between $40 and $60. 

K Nail and Spa’s shellac manicure procedure

Manicure shellac is a kind of well-known nail care. After painting, the combination of ordinary polish and gel results in a completely smooth nail surface. This is also a quick-drying paint line that is well regarded because it does not cause nail yellowing, contains no hazardous components, and is safe for users’ health.

To have beautiful and shining nails, the normal procedure must include all of the following steps:

  • Step 1: Prepare 

– Mold and smooth the edges of the nails 

– Remove superfluous cuticle and clean clean 

– Check for excess skin and carefully scrape away the residue 

– Clean the nail surface

  • Step 2: Apply Shellac base coat 

– Shake the paint bottle thoroughly to combine colors.

– Apply a tiny layer to each of the five nail surfaces on one hand.

– Secure nail tips to promote long-lasting wear.

– CND UV lamp hardens nails in 10 seconds.

– Repeat the preceding steps for the opposite hand.

  • Step 3: Apply Shelac UV color coat

– For longer-lasting color, we apply a very small amount to each nail surface and lock the nail tip.

– Dry nails for 2 minutes with a CND UV lamp. Rep the previous steps with the other hand.

– Apply a second tiny layer of nail paint to the nail’s surface 

– Continue to dry nails with CND UV lamp

  • Step 4: Apply Shellac UV Top Coat

– Apply a thin layer of polish on the surface and lock the nail tip

– Dry in CND UV lamp for 2 minutes

– Remove the top non-stick layer with IPA alcohol.

The increasing demand for beauty of people has led to the introduction of many products and services. Besides beautifying the skin, hair, clothes, etc., now women are also interested in beautifying their nails. Your hands will become more and more charming and noble with unique nail art designs. To meet the beauty needs of women, now , manicure shellac, manicure pedicure in kelowna, BC, of K Nail and Spa is the most prestigious and quality address. Book today for the best shellac manicure!

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