Lash lift in Kelowna: All you need to know

For many women, having short, straight eyelashes is depressing. You come seem as impatient if you constantly struggle with your eyelashes and mascara. There is a lash lift, so there is no need to spend time each day enhancing your lashes. With the aid of modern technology, you may have long, naturally curled eyelashes that catch everyone’s attention.

But if you’re interested in lash lifts, a lately trendy operation that curls your natural lashes, keep reading because K Nails & Spa explains all you need to know about our lash lift in Kelowna.

About lash lift

A lash lift, as the name suggests, is a cosmetic operation designed to curl your natural eyelashes to make them look longer and fuller. By stimulating the natural lashes from the root, they are elevated and lengthened.

With a lash lift, you won’t have to be concerned about clumpy mascara or unpleasant false lashes any more. Additionally, every morning you’ll have naturally long, thick lashes.

To enhance the look, many people get their lashes colored a deeper color. It’s similar to getting your lashes permed. The surgery should ideally be short and painless, leaving you with eyelashes to bat about to your heart’s pleasure.

Types of lash lift- The latest beauty trend

There are several types of lash lifts available. Each variety has a different shelf-life with a minor difference. Here are four types of lash lifts:

Keratin lash lift- the most popular and widely used lash lift

This procedure, also known as Yumi lash lift or Keratin lash infusion, infuses protein to your lashes, making them silky and velvety while also strengthening them.

K Nails & Spa’s lash specialist curls the lashes from the base to the tip with a silicon rod loaded with keratin serum. After achieving dramatic lashes, a pure keratin protein treatment is administered to condition the thick eyelashes.

The complete procedure takes around 50-60 minutes and lasts for about six weeks (or more).

Perm lash lift, often known as a lash perm

K Nails & Spa employs a perming salt (similar to hair perming salt) to achieve the curled look in this treatment.

Caution: Perm lash lifts often necessitate the use of a chemical (perming solution) with a high pH value. If the technician keeps the chemical on your lashes for too long, it will cause minor damage (perhaps breaking) to your natural lashes.

However, as compared to the keratin lash lift treatment, the perm lash lift therapy produces a more dramatic and wavy result.

LVL (length volume lift) lash lift

We apply the LVL treatment to get curls from the root of the lash follicle to the tip. In this approach, no keratin serum is used. Instead, the technician used a wand filled with a lifting balm and volumizer, followed by a lash tint, to create naturally wispy lashes.

The complete therapy usually takes 45-50 minutes and lasts around six weeks (or less).

Do-it-yourself (DIY) lash lift

Today’s market offers a plethora of lash lift DIY kits. However, we do not advocate utilizing lash lift kits at home. The basic explanation is that for the optimum benefits from the therapy, your eyes must be closed and cushioned, which is clearly not feasible if you are doing the treatment yourself.

On the contrary, you may book K Nails & Spa and have us do the lash lift treatment in the comfort of your own home using your preferred equipment.

What steps are involved in having eyelash lift?

The procedure for receiving a lash lift treatment is simple and quick. All you need to do is know exactly what look you want, such as a cat’s eyelash effect, additional curled eyelashes, or a softly defined, fanned-out appeal.

If you are unsure about the effect you desire, you can always schedule a consultation with the lash specialist at K Nails & Spa before deciding on a lash lift style.

Precautions and preparations

The following are some considerations you should make before getting a lash lift:

  • Be honest with our professional about any allergies or medical concerns you may have;
  • Before scheduling the appointment, speak with our specialist if you have previously received eyelash extensions;
  • Always arrive at K Nails & Spa without wearing makeup;
  • Prior to any process, always do a patch test;
  • Be careful to take off your contact lenses if you wear them;
  • For at least 24 hours prior to your lash lift procedure, refrain from styling your lashes;
  • For at least 24 to 48 hours prior to your lash lift treatment, stay away from applying any makeup around your eyes or lashes (yes, even waterproof mascara or liner!).

Throughout the lash lift procedure

Even though a lash lift treatment is painless, things might get uncomfortable if you have trouble staying still for at least 60 minutes with your eyes closed. So, the following is a list of what to anticipate during the lash lift procedure:

  • In order to get rid of even the tiniest dust particles, our specialist will first clean your lashes and the surrounding region.
  • After that, they will apply adhesive pads above and below your lashes to hide the skin and hold the top and bottom lashes in place.
  • They will then choose a silicon form that fits the shape of your ideal lash.
  • After that, they will utilize bonding glue and their specialized instruments to adhere your eyelashes to the silicon pad (it just sounds terrifying; believe us).
  • Next, they soften the lashes with a lifting balm so that they are prepared to keep the new form. On average, this balm remains on the lashes for ten minutes.
  • The lifting balm will be removed after 10 minutes, and the lashes will be fixed in their new form using a setting/fixing lotion. Once more, this procedure takes ten to twelve minutes.
  • When they are finished, they will apply the lash tint. Although it is not required, professionals advise adding a lash tint after a lash lift for a spectacular outcome.
  • The technician removes the tint and cleans the area when it has fully developed.
  • Applying a nourishing lotion is the final step; then, complete! 

One of the simplest methods to lengthen your natural lashes is with a lash lift. Although semi-permanent, lash lifting offers beauty and celebrity-like oomph without any hassle. Additionally, you don’t need to do any additional makeup. You only need to get out of bed and bat those arresting lashes! Let K Nails & Spa’s – nails salon in Kelowna specialists make you look beautiful. Make a call to us!

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