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Women are many times envious of the deep eyes of seductive models. Many ladies choose eyelash extensions to have deep eyes without spending a lot of time wearing makeup. Eyelash extensions have numerous great aesthetic effects and provide convenience in daily life. It’s not necessary to apply mascara every day and take off your makeup every evening. Because false eyelashes do not last forever, you do not even need to try very hard to acquire long, curled eyelashes that look natural for a few months. You can even cry a lot without having to worry about getting panda-like dirty eyes. The best choice for you is K Nail and Spa- The best salon for eyelashes extension in kelowna, BC. But before making an appointment, read about the cosmetic professionals at K Nail and Spa’s experience with eyelash extensions below. You will find it to be quite helpful. Start!

What is eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are a cosmetic technique that involve dipping the false eyelashes into the appropriate length eyelash adhesive and picking up each false eyelash to adhere to the genuine eyelash. Avoid getting glue on your eyes or eyelids when you’re gluing, and be careful not to damage your hair follicles. Real eyelashes, in particular, need to grow naturally and precisely follow the established mold.

K Nail and Spa offers eyelash extensions as a premium service and is renowned for their precise aesthetic. Employees at K Nail and Spa are required to pick up each artificial eyelash and attach it to the client’s actual eyelashes using eyelash extensions. 

To avoid damaging the hair follicles or getting adhesive on the eyes or eyelids, we dip the false eyelashes into the eyelash glue at the proper length. In particular, the actual eyelashes must grow naturally in a specific pattern. Although this task appears straightforward, it actually demands a great degree of professionalism and meticulous attention to every millimeter. The females have flocked to eyelash extensions to avoid spending too much time cleaning their “window to the soul” and to save time applying sophisticated mascara and artificial eyelashes.

Different kinds of eyelash extensions

Individual eyelash extensions in the classic style

Classic individual eyelash extensions, which are also the most natural, are the most popular type of lash extension. Individual lashes are put to your natural lashes with these extensions. A synthetic lash is applied for every natural lash you have. Classic individual eyelash extensions, like all lash extensions, can be customized based on the curl, thickness, and length of the lashes. More information is provided below.

These are the most popular type of lash extensions because they provide a natural look that can be dialed up or dialed down based on the individual’s taste. These lashes give the appearance of natural mascara without the need for makeup.

Hybrid lashes

Hybrid lashes mix classic lash extensions with volume lashes. Some natural lashes will have one individual lash inserted, while others will have several lashes added utilizing the fan technique.

This is where your technician’s expertise comes into play – hybrid lashes should be tailored to complement your natural attractiveness. As a consequence, you have a gorgeous and unique lash style that provides you more freedom than if you only used one type.

The most basic method for creating hybrid lashes is to use individual lashes to form the framework for the entire look. Volume lashes would then fill in any natural gaps and provide a feathery and fuller effect. 

Hybrid lash extensions are more adaptable than basic or volume lashes. Using a combination of the two allows you to design your own look and style far more effortlessly. 

Infill lash extensions

This lash extensions are used to bridge gaps in your lash extensions, whether they be traditional, hybrid, or volume lashes. Most women get their lashes filled in two to three weeks after having their extensions.

Eyelashes normally shed and renew in a cycle. It’s vital to realize that this isn’t a standardized procedure; some of your lash extensions will be applied before others. 

The rate at which your natural lashes grow determines how quickly your natural eyelashes shed. Because everyone’s lash cycle is different, some people will require an infill at 2 weeks, while others will require one at 3 or 4 weeks.

This shedding can cause spotty and uneven eyelashes. Infill lash extensions apply new individual lashes to the new eyelashes that have developed afterwards, restoring consistency and exquisite depth to your look.

Ellipse eyelash extensions

Ellipse eyelash extensions are named for the elliptical shape of the extension’s base. The base of classic extensions is circular. The base of an elliptical lash is flatter and more oval-shaped. This results in a slightly broader lash without adding any weight to the individual lash. This creates the illusion of larger, fuller, darker lashes. 

Note how to take care of your eyes after eyelash extensions

And of course, after eyelash extensions, you should also take care of your eyelashes with the following steps:

– Avoid rubbing your eyes with your hands. Of course, after eyelash extensions, at first I also felt very uncomfortable because I was not used to it, but I had to accept this and not rub my eyes with my hands.

– You should be careful when washing your face, do not wash your face with warm water. If so, you must avoid the eye part because warm water can cause the glue to lose its adhesion. When washing your face, keep your eyes open. You should only use a cotton pad soaked in water to gently wash the eye area.

– Do not apply mascara and remove eyelash makeup.

– Avoid breaking eyelashes while sleeping. To do this, you must not lie face down on the pillow.

– Check your eyelash extensions every day after applying your makeup and washing your face. If they have any open joints, you can check them. Remove the lash if there is a lot of exposure and place a fresh one in its place.

– When going out, you should always wear glasses and cover your eyes, especially in the eye area.

All lash extensions last 6-8 weeks on average, but we recommend getting infills done every 3 weeks to keep your lashes looking great. Book lash extensions with one of our skilled lash specialists at K Nail and Spa – The best nails salon kelowna, BC, to enhance your natural eyelashes extension in kelowna, BC.

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