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The brows play a significant role in the overall attractiveness and balance of the face. But not everyone has such exquisite, gorgeous brows; many people have uneven, sparse, headless, tailless brows… Spray eyebrow is the ideal method for making your brows thick, dense, and sharp. If you read this post for 5 minutes, you will learn about K Nail and Spa’s eyebrow tattoo service- The best eyebrows tinting in kelowna, BC

What is eyebrow tinting?

Eyebrow tinting is the technique of adding a semi-permanent color to your brows to enhance, shape, and define them. Inkjet ink will be introduced into the epidermis of the brow skin using this procedure using a specialized instrument with a micro-needle connected to take ink and spray ink. The technician will methodically draw ink on the brows in a gentle manner, not as deep as a typical tattoo.

This process produces more natural, young, soft, and elegant-looking brows than standard eyebrow tattooing. In particular, eyebrow spray will assist in overcoming sparse, uneven, uneven eyebrows, blurring eyebrows without shape; it is because of this benefit that eyebrow spray is becoming increasingly popular among women; men are also highly interested.

How much time does it take?

A typical treatment at K Nail and Spa will cost around $20 and last approximately 15 minutes. You’ll meet with a professional first to discuss how you want your brows to look full and natural. The doctor will next prepare the region by cleaning the brows and applying a small coating of petroleum jelly around them to avoid skin discoloration.

The dye is then carefully mixed and applied, first in the direction of brow growth and then in the opposite direction with a second layer. The dye is applied for a few minutes to produce the desired hue, then removed with a moist paper towel. Don’t be concerned if you notice the color on the skin behind your brows; the dye will fade within a day or two.

How to select the appropriate eyebrow shape for your face

To get a beautiful brow shape, pick a brow shape that complements your face characteristics (rough, flat, pointed, round, long,…). This will enhance the impression of brow embroidery, making the whole face more balanced and harmonious.

Avoiding the circumstance of eyebrows falling into situations such as “sharp” eyebrows, giving a violent face sensation; or rough eyebrows, making the face stiffer, older… As a result, the following methods for selecting the best eyebrow shape for your face can assist you in selecting the finest eyebrow shape for you.

1. Eyebrow shape for oval face

One of the most attractive facial forms is the oval. It is not difficult to choose an eyebrow shape for an oval face because it is regarded as an appropriate face shape for practically any eyebrow form. As a result, if you have an oval face, you don’t have to worry about the brow form to choose while coloring your brows.

2. Eyebrow shape for heart face

A heart-shaped face is often broad at the top and narrow at the chin. To balance the forehead with the pointed chin, pick an eyebrow shape with a low arch and then curve up towards the tail, extending the length of the eyebrow tail. Furthermore, if you have a heart-shaped face, you may use both eyebrow embroidery methods to give the illusion of longer-than-normal brows, allowing you to achieve the desired eyebrow shape.

3. Eyebrow shape for  long faces

If you have a long face, you should pick a horizontal eyebrow shape to assist lengthen the face and make the entire face more harmonious. Choosing the eyebrow tinting method is the best option for this brow shape.

4. Eyebrow shape suitable for round face

A semicircular brow shape with a slight natural curvature will be the best choice for making the round face seem smaller, leaner, and slimmer. Remember not to select a horizontal brow shape since it will make your face appear bigger, which is probably not what any lady wants. 

5. Eyebrow shape suitable for square faces

Square faces frequently feature a big, rugged facial contour in the jawline. As a result, adopting a soft arched brow shape will nearly entirely compensate for these drawbacks. Because this brow shape adds charm, elegance, and femininity to the face.

A minor point to mention is that the horizontal brow shape is the essence of the square face, therefore avoid using it since it will make the square face appear harsher. For square faces, you might embroider the brows to soften and soften the face.

K Nail and Spa’s most popular brow colors

Choosing an eyebrow color that complements your complexion and hair color is another crucial component in creating a crisp, appealing brow. K Nail and Spa will show you the three most popular eyebrow colors at the salon, which are:

The western brown color: When you choose a Western brown hue, you won’t have to worry about whether it will match your hair color or skin tone. Because of the nature of the western brown hue, it is appropriate for a wide range of skin tones and hair colors. Owning this brow color will offer you a youthful, dynamic, but also luxurious, and stylish appearance.

Chestnut brown or chocolate brown color: Chocolate brown and chestnut brown are ideal for girls aged 24 to 35. These hues will assist her in developing a luxurious, polite, yet lively, and young style.

Brown smokey color: This hue will assist your overall face to enhance each facial shape while also increasing the charm to make your face more stylish. Other hues that are popular with girls are red-brown, copper brown, coffee-brown, and so on.

Why should you have your eyebrows tinting at K Nail and Spa?

There are several establishments that provide brow enhancement services. However, not every location ensures quality and long-term efficacy. As a result, you should look for a respected spa with a strong brand.

K Nail and Spa is a high-quality beauty brand that offers brow-enhancing solutions and the best eyebrows tinting, eyelashes extension in kelowna, BC. Beauty treatments here are safe and effective, thanks to a team of trained professional experts and innovative technology systems. Above all, employing brow spray services at K Nail and Spa has several practical advantages:

  • You will experience trendy, natural technologies
  • Work with the face structure to create a balanced, crisp, and harmonious brow form.
  • High-quality ink imported. 
  • Experienced specialists directly advise and provide appropriate beauty technologies.
  • Cosmetic tattooing is performed in a hygienic and risk-free manner.
  • Reasonable cost, extended guarantee, and excellent aesthetic impact.

Customers may rely on K Nail and Spa’s exceptional qualities to select stunning eyebrow embroidery services. Please contact us as soon as possible for the best advise, estimate, and assistance.

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