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We constantly strive for excellence in the delivery of first-rate services in a stylish, relaxing, and professional nail environment to ensure that we provide the best customer service possible. Visit the skilled nail experts at acrylic nail in Kelowna, BC on-the-spot or by appointment. To help you always look your best, we provide esthetic services including manicures and pedicures.

What makes us unique

Excellent Services:

Come to acrylic nail in Kelowna, BC you would enter a comfortable and welcoming environment. We never miss our scheduled times, and we don’t think that perfection should come at a premium price. Unwind and depart feeling your best after receiving goods and services at reasonable costs. It’s never been simpler to indulge!

Stringent Sanitation:

We go above and beyond to guarantee the cleanliness of all of our services. Our first priority is your health and welfare, from recreation to cleanliness. Our equipment, methods, and goods are meticulously maintained and chosen as the best available in our sector.

Qualified technicians:

Our personnel have received specialized training to deliver an opulent experience through premium services. Customers are welcomed into our cozy, pleasant environment by our helpful, courteous team. We take great care to ensure that every aspect of our spa experience pampers you.

Natural and Clean Products:

Only premium, all-natural components are used in the items we source, which are reasonably priced. Our products offer a pure and enjoyable experience, from the individual ingredients to the entire sense.

K Nails & spa is the best place to guarantee that you leave with absolutely gorgeous, attention-grabbing nails. In a tranquil, private setting where you’ll receive individualized care, our conveniently situated salon provides full nail and aesthetic services. We won’t rush you and will give you the time you need to unwind and enjoy your treatment. We only accept appointments.

What we do

Choose from our extensive selection of polish colors to create a look that is uniquely yours! We apply moisturizer and trim the cuticles on all of our nail improvements.

Impress your visitors with hand and foot care for a celebration they won’t soon forget. Get a discount when you reserve K Nails & Spa for your company party, birthday, baby shower, or bridal shower. Let us assist you in organizing an occasion that you and your guests will love.

Bring a companion (or several) or come by yourself for a day of pampering. Give your loved ones one of our gift cards so they can experience the satisfaction of having beautiful, healthy nails. You can enter with plain nails and leave with remarkable ones. Come see us today for pedicures, nail art, shellac, solar nails, bio gel nails, and more.

Classic Pedicure (30 mins)- $40

Even if your schedule is hectic, you can still take care of yourself. Your cuticles will be pampered and any calluses will be removed at K Nails & Spa. With the use of oil and lotion, we will revitalize your skin, and a 10-minute hot stone massage will help you de-stress. To get a groomed and polished finish, this involves deep washing and deep relaxation. What you require to remove the calluses from the foot soles.

  • Cutting and shape of nails
  • Taking care of the cuticles
  • Product containing spearmint that removes calluses
  • 10 minute hot stone massage using organic oil, lotion, and certified-organic exfoliants
  • Regular application of color.

Spa/Relax Pedicure (50 mins)- $60

You’re looking for an acrylic nail in Kelowna, BC. Your entire, luxurious experience is right here. We will gently remove any calluses from your skin before using organic lotion and oil to soften and hydrate it. We’ll treat you to a soothing hot stone massage and mask treatment for 15 minutes. Feel the long-lasting advantages, which delay aging, enhance sleep, rebalance the mind, and offer a much-needed sense of relaxation and renewal.

  • Cutting and shape of nails
  • Taking care of the cuticles
  • Product containing spearmint that removes calluses
  • 15-minute hot stone massage using organic oil, lotion, and certified-organic exfoliants
  • Cooling gel or a tropical mask
  • Applying intensive heel cream
  • Regular application of color.

Manicure with shellac- $38

A shellac manicure takes 45 to 1 hour to complete, but that’s not all. The manicure is cured using a special LED lamp made just for shellac. When the photoinitiator molecules in the shellac formula come into touch with the ultraviolet (UV) light from the lamp, they become active. The shellac on natural nails is then swiftly hardened, dried, and bound by the formula.

The price of a shellac manicure varies, as it does with most cosmetic procedures. Just $38 is required at our salon for the manicure with shellac service.

Manicure with regular polish- $28

Our regular salon nail polish comes in all the colors you can choose from, which are loved by all of our clients. In addition to the shellac nail polish service, we also offer a regular nail polish service that, when applied with Perfect Base and Forever Shine top coat, can last up to 7 days. Nail polish can be left to dry naturally and is thinner than gel polish. For this way of painting, no LED light is needed to paint nails with new nail polish.

Obviously nail polish lasts a long time. We use high quality nail polish that can last up to seven days when used in conjunction with base and top coat. To ensure that the color adheres well and is protected securely, we use clear nail polish. Gel polish takes longer than regular nail polish because regular polish doesn’t require the use of a lamp as nail polish can dry in the air.

Nail polish can be used on your toenails in addition to giving them a lovely manicure. Because your toes’ nails are more protected, nail polish on them often lasts longer, but you can also use a base coat and top coat to make them last longer. Gel Polish can sometimes be removed more easily than nail polish. As a result, switching colors will frequently be quicker than using Gel Polish.

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