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What are acrylic nails?

Acrylic nails are fake nail tips that are attached to your real nails and secured with a thick, lasting coating that may be personalized with any nail shape, color, or art that you like. 

Instagram is flooded with manicure and nail art videos that demonstrate the process of putting acrylic nails, but for those who need a reminder, an acrylic mani starts like most manicures you’ve undoubtedly had: The cuticles are pulled back after the nails have been clipped and shined. 

The oil on the foundation is then removed using a nail dehydrator, and nail glue is used to affix a plastic tip on your nail to extend it.

Acrylics, as opposed to nail cutters, develop a considerably stronger bond to your natural nail. While at-home acrylic nail kits are available, it is advisable to leave your manicure to a professional manicurist if this is your first time using acrylic.

Acrylic Nails vs. Gel Nails

If you’re thinking about having artificial nails, you’ve undoubtedly heard that gel nails are a better option. Because gel nails are frequently categorized in the same category as acrylic nails, it’s easy to confuse the two, or even mistake them for phrases that may be used interchangeably. In actuality, they’re pretty different – and each has advantages and disadvantages.

While acrylics are nail enhancements created by blending a liquid acrylic solution with a powdered acrylic product, gel nails are a more homogeneous gel substance that must be “cured” or “sealed” onto the nail using a UV light between each layer. 

We believe that thinking about gel as premixed acrylic is a good approach to comprehend the difference between gel and acrylic nails.

While acrylic nails are stronger and more lasting than gel nails, gel may also be used to strengthen natural nails and protect them as they develop. However, unlike most gel nails, acrylic nails are easier to maintain at home since you may repair them and soak them off without the assistance of a nail technician. Gel nails in kelowna, on the other hand, may be a more practical alternative for persons who use their hands a lot because they are significantly more flexible than acrylics. Gels are often odorless, whereas acrylics are not. 

The benefits of acrylic nails

Acrylic nails in kelowna offer several advantages that make them a popular alternative for individuals seeking a professional manicure.

First, because acrylics are strong and long-lasting, they can help prevent your natural nails from breaking or cracking. They also create a smooth, glossy appearance that natural nails often struggle to attain.

Furthermore, acrylics may be sculpted and filed in a variety of ways, allowing you to always have the optimum nail length and form.

Finally, acrylics are quite simple to care for; simply soak them in acetone to remove them when you’re ready for a change.

Acrylics may be the best solution for you if you want a long-lasting, low-maintenance manicure.

How do you apply artificial nails?

After you’ve decided on your chosen nail shape, length, and color, our Knail and Spa technician will begin your acrylic treatment by washing, soaking, and filing your natural nails. If you ordered that your nails be lengthened, they will then add fake tips. (If you specified very short acrylic nails, this step will be skipped.) Following that, nail technicians will apply an adhesive to all of your nail beds before applying the artificial nails. The acrylics are then sanded and shaped. Finally, they apply any extra polish, accessories, or nail art that you requested at the start of the consultation.

What is the cost of artificial nails?

Acrylic nail prices vary greatly between manicurists. A mid-range acrylic manicure at Knail and Spa typically costs between $10 to $50 for a normal set. That price can rise to $60 or $70 for hues like pink or white. But how difficult are artificial nails? Don’t be surprised if you discover that exceptionally inventive acrylic nails might cost up to $80 or even $100.

Remember: It’s easy to pay low costs for acrylic paint, especially when “deals” as little as $10 are available. When it comes to your nails — and everything else on your body — however, your health comes first. And the potential of long-term nail damage from using low-quality acrylic sets is substantially higher. Unworthy!

The lifespan of acrylic nails

The longevity of artificial nails varies greatly across individuals. For example, if someone uses his or her hands a lot for work, especially hard labor, that person may soon realize that acrylic nails won’t last as long as someone who uses their hands for nothing more than typing. 

You should visit the salon every two to three weeks to fill in the gaps caused by natural nail growth. So that’s a rule you have to follow around the time your acrylic nails will look better. If you often use acrylic nails, you might try removing them every two to three months to allow them to “breathe” in between sets.

Is acrylic nails the best option?

Acrylic nails may give your hands a natural appearance while also preserving your nails. They are also an excellent technique to lengthen and color your nails.

Acrylic nails may be the answer if you want a simple approach to improve the appearance of your hands. At Knail and Spa – nail salon in kelowna, we offer all of your manicure needs at the most reasonable prices. Make an appointment today and we will provide you with a complimentary consultation!

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